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The global advocacy organization dedicated to the discovery, development and delivery medication from mexico pharmacy of better solutions to improve patient lives.

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Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare mexican online pharmacies prescription drugs Opens Trading at NYSE to Celebrate AI Appreciation Day on July 14, 2023.

On January 31, 2023, Arnaub K. Chatterjee Senior spoke at BIO CTD Roundtable titled "How AI Meaningfully Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials?"

Explore how the explosion of AI, converging with advances in biomedical data generation and aggregation, sets the stage for a wave of healthcare innovation

About Us

Through the fusion of a diversified set of backgrounds, including science, math, technology and healthcare, AAIH is fostering creativity, collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive AI enabled discovery of novel interventions and product solutions to improve patient outcomes and minimize costs across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Our Leadership

Through the thoughtful and responsible application of AI in the discovery and development of new therapies, AI has the power to improve patients’ lives while creating more efficient, sustainable and accessible healthcare systems.


Our Members

Through investment, invention and innovation, the AAIH, its member companies and associated organizations are using state-of-the-art approaches to create novel solutions to address society’s need for new, more effective and accessible healthcare.

Active Projects

In 2023, AAIH is focusing on two primary practice areas: 1) the Regulatory Working Group is developing a comprehensive framework for digitizing IND, and 2) the Data Working Group is addressing core challenges in data accessibility through a real-world data registry.

Click below for information on how to get involved with these or spearhead initiatives in other interest areas.